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A work of odd fiction

stranger than fiction

I will not suffer the same fate as cream filling!
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a little about me
I'm atarashii-kashi.I'm basically a crazy artist with a habit of spacing out and sleeping in too late.Although I'm not a professional artist I hope to be some day and I hope to get at least one of my mangas published.What else can I say?well,I enjoy anime(manga or otherwise),love British comedies(any kind of comedy in general),Korean dramas,I love music A LOT(I basically spend more time listening to music than watching TV),I'm a bit of a sugar addict,my 3 favorite books of all time(actually 4)are 100 Hundred Years of Solitude,The Little Prince,Abarat,and Griffin & Sabine,I always seem to like the bad guys(or at least the very angsty ones) in almost anime...case in point...Vegeta,Tyki Mikk,Grimmjow,I think you get the point.I'm going to list favorite bands (because as I mentioned earlier I LIKE MUSIC A LOT)my top bands are:Radiohead,Andrew Bird,The Strokes,The Living End,The Rakes,Klaxons,MGMT,Casker,Fake?,Dir en Grey,Gazette,capsule,D'espairsRay,Mucc,The Shanghai Restoration Project,L'Arc~en~Ciel,The Telephones,The Mad Capsule Markets,Fleet Foxes,and a lot more than that but it would take too long to list.

100 years of solitude, 12012, abingdon boys school, aki, alice nine, alternative rock, amatsuki, anime, anime ost, antic cafe, arcade fire, art, asain kung-fu generation, astronomy, avatar the last airbender, beat crusaders, big bang, bis, bleach, broken social scene, brushes, buck-tick, byakuya, calvin and hobbes, capsule, chad, clamp, classical music, coaltar of the deepers, code geass, cowboy bebop, d'espairsray, d.gray-man, daft punk, death note, dir en grey, dogs the manga, dragon ball z, drawing, eureka 7, eyeshield 21, fake?, fanfics, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, gackt, gintama, graphics, gravitation, gregory and the hawk, grimmjow jaggerjaques, hakuro, hana-kimi, harry potter, hatsuharu sohma, heidi, hey arnold, hide, high and mighty color, hisagi shuuhei, hitsugaya, home made kazoku, hyde, ichigo, icons, indie rock, invader zim, ishida, jackals, jin, jrock, jrock graphics, jrock icons, jrock wallpaper, kaggra, kannivalism, katekyo hitman reborn, kiyoharu, kra, kuroshitsuji, l'arc~en~ciel, layouts, lm.c, loveless, luna sea, malice mizer, manga, masashi kishimoto, miyavi, monoral, mp3, mucc, music, nabari no ou, naruto, nerima daikon brothers, nick drake, nickelback, nujabes, of montreal, orange range, oshare-kei, ouran host club, papuwa, pase rock, patterns, pierrot, plastic tree, princess tutu, radiohead, renji, rentrer en soi, sadie, sads, samurai champloo, sayonara zetsubou sensei, scissor, screw, scrubs, sea wolf, shakkazombie, shonen-ai, sid, soubi, sug, telepopmusik, the avalanches, the gazette, the weekenders, tite kubo, tora, toshizo hijikata, trip-hop, ukitake, unsraw, utawarerumono, uverworld, vampire knight, vegeta, versailles, vidoll, visual-kei, webcomics, will & grace, wolf parade, xxxholic, yaoi, yoko kanno, yun kouga